We are Las Cruces Local and we create good-looking and effective digital products.

When great ideas meet beautiful craftsmanship, it changes the world.

We pour this simple philosophy into every job that we do, and every project that we support. With ideals firmly rooted in open source software, and a desire to give back to the global community, Keyring Creative engages customers of all types and from all walks of life, so that we can change the world together.

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We practice ethical design

Many websites are designed to track you, sell your information, or to keep you on the site. We are committed to honor your privacy, which we accomplish by forgoing Google Analytics and instead using Matomo, an open-source, self-hosted site analytics system that honors Do Not Track (DNT) requests, and anonymizes IP addresses by country. Our site also uses little javascript, so you can keep tabs on what's running on your machine.

Meet your creative team

Diego Salazar

Idealist, privacy advocate, and lifter of heavy things, Diego “rehrar” Salazar hails from the desert, and loves tostadas. He is the frontman of Las Cruces Local and is responsible for the technical side of things.


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Maria Salazar

Linguist and translator by training, Maria could not resist her instinct to make the world accessable and pretty. She is a hopeless perfectionist (to the delight of our clients). Hobbies include drawing, lifting, and listening to Diego's rants about open source and privacy.

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