Privacy Policy

Published April 9th, 2018


Your privacy is very important to us. And when we say that, we mean it. After reading our privacy policy, we think you'll agree.

We do everything in our power to minimize who your data is shared with, in most cases eliminating third parties altogether. Our site is currently hosted on a Vultr VPS server, and is subject to their terms of service. One way to support us is to use our Vultr referral link to help cover server costs.

Unless otherwise noted, everything used to construct this website, present it to you, and collect data is open source, self-hosted software. These technologies include (but are not limited to): Jekyll, Matomo, Nginx, Ubuntu.

If you have concerns or questions about any of the above software or providers, please don't hesitate to contact us.


We use Matomo to collect some data about your visit. Although we don't have any other analytics things installed, nginx does keep some server logs so, there's that. The Matomo settings we use are listed below, and current as of the last posted update of the Privacy Policy.

Do Not Track (DNT) requests are honored. IP addresses are masked by two bytes (the last two show up as zeroes). No geolocation plugins have been installed, but Matomo does use your the language you use to guess your country. This is not used to track, but rather to give us information on future languages to translate this website into.

To opt out of all Matomo analytics, please click the checkmark below. If you've already turned on Do Not Track settings on your browser, you'll see a message indicating so and don't have to do anything further.